It’s Happening! Madison & Whetsel

Work began in late September at the intersection of Madison and Whetsel.

This marks the beginning of Phase 1 for the long-awaited business district development. The $30M project, developed by Ackermann Group and built by Neyer Construction, will include both new construction and upgrades on three corners of the intersection. A newly-constructed building on the Southwest corner of the block will feature 24,000 square-feet of new retail space and 104 mixed-income apartments. Apartments options will include efficiency, 1-bedroom & 2-bedroom, and 20% will be reserved as workforce (income restricted, affordable) housing.

Phase 1 will also include exterior and interior improvements to the Madison Center building on the Northwest corner of the intersection. The Braxton-Cann Wellness Center will be renovated and expanded to include a new dental clinic and space for community health programming. On the Northeast corner, Bad Tom Smith Brewing has plans to move into the renovated Bank Building at 5900 Madison Road.

Streetscaping along four blocks of the intersection will include upgrades to sidewalks, pedestrian lighting, benches, trees, and updated sewer and gas lines, among others. Construction is expected to last 14-16 months and employ at least 140 Full-Time workers (and up to 300 at peak times).

This project began in 2008 when the City of Cincinnati identified the Madison Road corridor as an opportunity for future economic development. It has taken 10 years to acquire dozens of parcels, develop a plan, and put together a complex financing package including public and private investments.

A date for the official groundbreaking ceremony has not yet been set — so please stay tuned!