Housing Development

2023 New Affordable Homes for Sale

MCURC, in partnership with The Port, is currently building 9 new, affordable homes for sale on vacant lots throughout Madisonville. The homes are located on Ward, Adelphi, Owasco, Whetsel, and Peabody. These 3-bedroom, 2-bath homes are available at $210,000 to buyers earning 80% or less of the area median income. At this time, those incomes are estimated to be $76,400 for a family 4, $68,800 for a family of 3, $61,150 for a family of 2, and $53,500 for a single person.

Potential buyers are required to complete a Homebuyer Education class at Working in Neighborhoods or the HomeOwnership Center. Potential buyers should work with a bank to get pre-approved for a loan. And potential buyers must contact a realtor. Their agents should contact The Port at housing@cincinnatiport.org in order to be added to the list of interested buyers. The Income Verification Form should be submitted at that time. 

Aging in Community

St. Paul Lutheran Church partnered with MCURC to create a program to help our low-income seniors to stay in their homes.  Often seniors on fixed incomes have trouble making repairs odr other updates that their homes require for them to continue to live there safely.  Through the Lutheran Benevolent Society, Fifth Third Bank and other sources, MCURC worked with People Working Cooperatively to help seniors with these critical repairs.  From 2017-2019, MCURC funded $150,000 of home repairs for seniors, serving over 80 seniors in Madisonville.

New Affordable Homes in Madisonville

In 2018-19, MCURC worked with Titan Real Estate Group to build four new homes in Madisonville. The houses were sold to families making 120% or less of area median income, in order to ensure that there is enough moderately priced and affordable housing available in our community. 

5704 Adelphi Street

MCURC, working with the Hamilton County Land Reutilization Corporation, selected Copper Creek Homes to build a new house here at the corner of Adelphi and Conant.  The buyers worked with the builder to select their own style and finish.  This project allowed a family that was looking for a larger home to find one without leaving the neighborhood they love.

5738 Adelphi Street

In 2011, MCURC purchased the home at 5738 Adelphi. It was vacant and in foreclosure, in desperate need of attention. MCURC gutted the entire house, upgraded it entirely, and sold it to a first time home-buyer in September 2012.