Economic Development

Madison & Whetsel – It seems hard to believe to newcomers that just a few years ago, three of the four corners at Madison & Whetsel were mostly vacant land. MCURC’s decades-long mission—and mandate—from the neighborhood was and is to drive the economic revitalization of the business district. The City of Cincinnati began to acquire land in 2008 and after updating our zoning to a Form-Based Code in 2012 and selecting the Ackermann Group as developer, construction in December 2018 began on the first of three phases at Madison & Whetsel on the southwest block. In April 2020, 104 mixed-income apartments were completed and the first residents began to move in. The final phase of Madison & Whetsel opened in the Fall of 2022 and now the business district has 312 apartments and xxx sf of commercial space.  

The Metz House – Dr. Charles Louis Metz was an obstetrician, archeologist, school board member and so many other things to our community, earning him the nickname, “Mr. Madisonville.”  In 2016 MCURC stepped in to prevent the foreclosure on his home and office, and with the help of the City of Cincinnati, the Port Authority, the Community Development Finance Fund and many other contributors, we are bringing this building back to its historic glory.  MCURC will soon occupy the first floor and the second and third floors will be rented to small businesses. Look for the Metz House to open in early 2019. Click here to learn more about how MCURC partnered with the Port Authority and others to help this project come to life.

The Bank Building – 5900 Madisonville is known to many in our community as the Fifth Third Bank Building or just the Bank Building.  MCURC purchased the building and renovated the space, maintaining the historic character. With the help of the City of Cincinnati, the Community Development Finance Fund and several foundations, we cut the ribbon in April of 2016 on two 2-bedroom apartments on the second floor as well as a white-boxed first floor commercial space.  That space is soon to be the home of Bad Tom Smith Brewing, who is looking to open their saloon doors in spring of 2019.

Façade Grants – Through the Cincinnati Neighborhood Business Districts United funding pool known as the Neighborhood Business District Improvement Program, MCURC has received three Façade Improvement Grants for businesses located within the City’s officially designated Neighborhood Business District.  This matching grant has allowed neighborhood businesses to leverage thousands of dollars toward upgrading their commercial space. Two grant cycles have passed and a third round is expected to open in early 2019. The latest round will feature a 4 to 1 match (the grant pays the 4) up to $20,000 for eligible businesses.  The parameters of the program will be announced when the application program begins.

6012 Madison Road — In 2022, MCURC began stabilizing this property to prepare for its future rehabilitation.