Community Conversations

In May of 2016, WVXU came to Madisonville to interview dozens of residents and business owners to learn about our community. They asked a lot of questions and learned a lot about who we are and what matters to us. As a result, in October and November of 2016, a variety of WVXU’s reporters created this series of stories, giving a close look at our history, or present and our future.


How Madisonville Residents And Police Minimized Crime

NOV 4, 2016

Madisonville, a community plagued by crime more than a decade ago, is now a lot safer as evidenced by a walk down Madison Road near Whetsel Avenue.

That’s where a new bakery has opened and the old Fifth Third building has been turned into apartments. Gone are corner drug dealers and prostitutes.

Cincinnati Police gives credit to Citizens on Patrol. The volunteers patrolling thank police.

Some Residents Say A Neighborhood Grocery Store Would Make Madisonville Better

NOV 3, 2016

When WVXU talked with some Madisonville residents in May, they were asked what would make their neighborhood better.

Many said a grocery store.


Madisonville Is A Cincinnati Neighborhood In Transition

OCT 19, 2016

Madisonville got its start in 1809 as Madison, named after the fourth president of the United States, James Madison.


Finding Racial Balance In Madisonville

OCT 18, 2016

People who live in Madisonville like to say their neighborhood is one of the most welcoming in Greater Cincinnati and also one of the most racially balanced. The community has had population shifts in the past, and appears to be undergoing another change.


Madisonville’s Dunbar Neighborhood Gone, But Not Forgotten

OCT 11, 2016

Madisonville is one of Cincinnati’s largest neighborhoods, but, in 1970, an important part of its heart and soul was paved over and disappeared with barely a trace when the Red Bank Expressway was built.


Are Changes Underway In Madisonville Revitalization Or Gentrification?

OCT 7, 2016

WVXU’s occasional series on community conversations is exploring the changing landscape of Cincinnati’s Madisonville neighborhood. As communities bordering Madisonville – Indian Hill, Mariemont, Madiera – all thrived in the last 50 years, the prosperity wasn’t shared. Businesses slowly began to die off as Red Bank Expressway carried shoppers to Hyde Park and Kenwood.